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DHAMANI Celebrates Ramadan at Burj Al Arab

Dubai, 12 May 2019. – Dhamani Group welcomed friends, customers and dignitaries to its annual Suhoor at the prestigious Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

“Ramadan is a privileged occasion to pause and thank the people we, Dhamani Family & Group, appreciate and value the most. It is the time of giving and a tremendous opportunity connect with our friends, well-wishers and our respected customers who continue to support our brands in the UAE and across the region” explains Amit Dhamani, the Group’s CEO.

Over 250 guests attended the Suhoor gathering and experienced the essence of the three successful brands owned by Dhamani Jewels Group: Dhamani 1969, premium, award winning jewellery house; Dusoul, the fine jewellery brand aimed at the aspirational and inspirational millennial generation; and Laviere, the only brand specialized in blue, red and green gemstones.

The Dhamani brand has been adding a brilliant sparkle to the lives of its clients for 50 years, offering the finest quality jewels set in world-class designs. Headquartered in Dubai, Dhamani Group is a pioneer in the diamond and jewellery industry across the Middle East.