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Everyday we strive to offer all our customers superior services and personal care.
The team of consultants at our boutiques will be delighted to respond to all your enquires
related to your precious jewels. These services include repair, re-sizing, personalising existing jewels
or creating a unique piece with our master designer.
Please contact our Customer Service by email or visit us at one of our boutiques.


In our daily life precious jewels can suffer shocks or hits, even when we take the outmost care of them. In the case of accidents, it is very important to take your jewel to our stores for an immediate and careful inspection by our team. In fact, if the setting or a claps are damaged the risk of loosing the jewel or its gems could be very high. Nevertheless, any missing or broken element of a Dhamani 1969 jewel can be replaced or repaired. We will carry out a precise assessment of the damage and will offer a quotation for any services needed. Once you decide to avail the services, we will complete the task in coordination with our craftsmen at the earliest possible pace.


In many occasions we feel a ring or a bracelet does not fit us anymore as it used to. We want to wear a ring on a different finger, or we want a tighter bracelets, a longer necklace. We are always ready to help you to resize your jewel with our craftsmen, making sure the quality of your previous piece is not altered. It is important to remember, though, that some pieces, especially those with the more unique designs, cannot be resized due to their structure or gemstones. Please visit one of our boutique and confirm with our advisors the feasibility of any resizing.



We all love to personalize our objects, even more so our precious jewels. You can personalise your jewellery by engraving it with: a name, a date, a message… Our advisors will be able to confirm the feasibility of each engraving which will be performed by a craftsman upon your request. You can request an engraving any time after your purchase.


To maintain the original beauty and scintillation of your Dhamani 1969 creations, we always recommend that customers take their jewels every year to one of our boutiques for a careful, comprehensive quality inspection and a simple cleaning. If necessary, an ultrasonic cleaning will be suggested. Periodically a rhodium plating will also be required for white gold jewels in order to maintain the brilliance of the gold. A timely polishing and cleaning service is key to enjoying your jewels in all their brilliance, year after year.

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