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DHAMANI Unveils the Chrysalis Collection

Dubai, 15 January 2019. – Dhamani 1969 unveiled a feminine and colorful line of light and ready-to-wear jewels, CHRYSALIS. Chrysalis, derived from the ancient Greek word for gold, is the name for the ephemeral state of a moth becoming a butterfly.
Butterflies are born in the earth but can reach the skies, they are as delicate as thoughts but strong enough to transform themselves. 

“We have caught this golden thread and sewed it into the form of our inspiration, unveiling the secrets of these wonderful teachers of life”, comments Luciano Ponticello, the Italian designer of the collection who was also present at the launch party.

The launch of the new collection, which took place at the brand´s flagship shop at The Dubai Mall, was proudly organised in association with Dubai Shopping Festival, and it is part of the ‘Dubai Exclusive” theme of the festival that runs until February 2nd 2019. DSF is organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism). The event was attended by dignitaries across all walks; along with fashionistas to get the first glimpse of the unique jewellery, set in gold, diamonds and colorful enamel.

Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of Dhamani Jewels explains “Chrysalis represents a very unique and innovative collection among our array. These jewels belong to a vibrant, bright and friendly woman, who has never lost the vitality of a child and the gentleness of a butterfly”. “As each butterfly differs to the others, with this collection we want to celebrate the individuality and unique ways each of us finds to reach his best, somehow echoing the words of tolerance so dear to our leders”.

With fashionable and pictorial designs, Chrysalis sounds as a novelty in the traditionally elegant and opulent diamond jewels of Dhamani 1969. A collection conceived to satisfy the aspiration for beauty, femininity and self expression women on the rise among women of all ages.

Beautifully crafted, the collection includes earring, rings and bold necklaces in rose, yellow and white gold, and the option of with and without diamonds.

The first line of CHRYSALIS will be available for purchase at Dhamani 1969 boutiques located in Dubai at the Grand Atrium – Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab Hotel and Habtoor Palace Hotel.