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At Dhamani we are privileged to be one of the few ateliers in the world to offer Argyle Pink Diamonds,the rarest and most precious pink diamonds on earth.
For every million carats of rough pink diamond produced, only one polished carat is offered for sale.
It is these stones, and only these, that form the heart of our DPINK collection.
Stunning pieces for every special occasion.


Beyond Rare, the pink hues of the Argyle Pink diamond are the pinnacle of femininity, delicacy and glamour. Exceptional stones for exceptional women, with their unique colors that distinguishes them among the most beautiful diamonds in the world, are definitely gems fit for princesses. Through interweaving laces, inspired by the attire and ornaments of the most emblematic princesses in history, our French designer has scripted a line of jewels that elates the inimitable shades of the Argyle Pink diamonds and sublimate the princess within every woman who wears it.


Gentle and feminine rose gold butterfly knuckle rings are beautified with marquise, pear and oval shaped Argyle Pink Diamonds. This fine line of knuckle rings are designed as an intriguing display of both delicacy and character. Young and fashionable, DPINK Butterflies are delightful, easy to wear jewellery pieces that come in a limited collection.


Fascinated by the awesome hues of the world’s most unfathomable diamonds, the Argyle Pinks, our Italian designer chose a classical air for a timeless line of jewels featuring a combination of petite Argyle diamonds of sensational tones and the exceptional 99 faceted Dubai Cut Diamonds. This really unique fusion of inimitable Brilliant White Dubai Cut Diamonds and the fascinating Argyle Pink, possible only at our atelier, embodies the exceptional spirit of the DPINK Dubai Cut collection, climax of Dhamani 1969 gems arrays.


The most classical of the designs, the solitaire diamond ring, is transformed in an alluring and chic piece of peculiar beauty by the amazing tones of the Argyle Pink Diamonds. DPINK I celebrates unique achievements, unique beauty, unique love.