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In this exceptional diamond design, artistically crafted, each facet is cut in perfect geometrical proportion. The 99-faceted Dubai Cut is an exciting addition to the diamond world, a uniquely magnificent jewel.

In 2006 an agency of the government of Dubai partnered with the Russian government to create a new diamond cut that would be mined, cut, and polished in Russia but sold exclusively in Dubai. Called the Dubai Cut Diamond, it was the “world’s first diamond cut inspired by and named after a city.” While diamonds traditionally had 56 facets, the Dubai Cut Diamond had 99-facets.

Dubai developed a request for proposals asking jewelers to describe what they would do if they were to become the exclusive retailer for the Dubai Cut Diamond. Many of the other brands described how the Dubai Cut Diamond would fit into their individual brands, but Dhamani took a fresh approach and submitted a plan to make the Dubai Cut Diamond a prominent feature of the Dhamani and Dubai brands.
In 2006, Dhamani was announced to be the sole license holder with exclusive rights to sell the Dubai Cut Diamonds.